2017 keynote speakers


Martin Armstrong                                                                                        

5 Skillsets that Transition Your Job Into a Career                                  

The difference between settling for a routine job and excelling in a career is longevity and to have longevity in this uncertain marketplace, you have to have skillsets that someone will pay for.   To this end, this session will discuss the 5 critical skillsets that will give you the ability to turn your job into a career that you love while earning your marketplace salary. 




Michael B. Sales                                                                              

Effective Communication Techniques

In knowledge of effective communication techniques, we will be discussing the 4 levels of learning, 6 types of communication and various techniques to utilize in effective communication.. This information is useful not only to the effective leader but also with the employee and client and carries beyond the confines of “the JOB” In Mike’s keynote, he will not only outline these techniques and information but will demonstrate them through stories and examples that will challenge and inspire. His unique circumstances of a life changing accident and paraplegia allows him to always educate audiences around the country on disability and various ADA regulations.



Nancy Svoboda                                                                           

Engagement Matters!: The Proof is in the Bottom Line

Are your employees thriving or merely surviving?  According to a recent Gallup poll, 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged costing employers up to $550 billion annually. Scary, right? 

The road to full engagement is not easy, but it is possible to move the needle. You can set the direction by becoming an employee engagement champion.  During this session, you will learn valuable tips and tools to deploy an engagement strategy within your organization and drive bottom line business results.




Anastasia button  & Brooke Chestnut      


Thriving in the Cross-Generational Workforce

As Millennial's surpass the Boomers and Gen X as largest generation in the workforce and as organizations start to prepare for the next generation "iGen", there has never been a more crucial time for Human Resource leaders to understand, adapt and change how they lead their cross-generational workforce. Just as organizations are constantly challenged to adapt to rising trends in the market place, we will teach you how leaders can cultivate their employees and have a direct impact on the ability to attract and retain top talents of all generations!

Bullet Points:
• How you can be the hero of the company by leading up to five generations in the workplace
• Have effective communication strategies to optimize productivity
• Cultivate talent through professional development for all levels
• Prepare for iGen, the youngest generation
• Identify and retain top talent from each generation
• Inspire innovation and stay ahead of your company's competition
• Develop a culture that attracts younger talent while retaining mature talent at the same time!