2017 RMRPC


Learning Session 1
9:30am - 10:30am 



Social Security: We are with you through life’s journey

Presented by: Josh Weller, Social Security Administration

The Social Security presentation consists of a general overview of benefits, entitlement requirements, and filing options associated with our Retirement, Spousal, Widows, Child, Disability benefits as well as Medicare.


irs resources and id theft information for payroll professionals

Presented by: Ann Burton, IRS

Overview of resources the IRS offers Tax Professionals, such as e-services, payroll professional tax center, quick alerts, what the IRS is doing to combat identity theft.


Payroll Research on the Internet

Presented by: Troy Prosser, Symmetry Software

Refine your skills with efficient research techniques, learn ways to analyze websites for accuracy and credibility, and discover useful social media. 


Tax Debt Resolutions: Navigating Issues Related to Employment Taxes and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty 

Presented by: Michael Hanchett, Robinson & Henry, Michael

I will be providing an overview of the various types of tax debt resolutions utilized by the Internal Revenue Service to collect unpaid taxes from individuals and businesses.  I will also discuss employment tax issues, with an emphasis on the processes, procedures, and taxpayer rights pertaining to the assessment and collection of Trust Fund taxes.  I will provide suggestions on how employers and payroll companies can navigate these issues and minimize their exposure with respect to the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. 



Learning Session 2
10:45am - 11:45am 


Millennials and generational preferences around payment, pay cards and workforce trends

Presented by: George Mavrantzas, Global Cash Card

The Center for Generational Kinetics and Global Cash Card led a landmark national study that looked at Millennials and generational preferences around payment, pay cards and workforce trends. The study findings revealed surprising generational differences and emerging trends that will affect businesses of all sizes and in all industries. These trends are only going to accelerate as Millennials are now the largest growing generation in the workforce and increasingly taking on managerial and leadership roles. As payment and pay cards are the currency of commerce, this study is proving essential for executives to know in order to make key business decisions across their enterprise.

Learning Outcomes

  • How and why millennials are impacting how payments and paycards are being used today
  • Identify workforce trends that highlight millennials specific usage demands in regards to payments and paycards
  • How and why the landscape has changed for payment and paycard demographics (unbanked, underbanked, underserved, millennials)


Income Withholding & Scenarios

Presented by: Janine Archuletta, Colorado Division of Child Support Services

Employers are an important part of the economic security of many families. You play a huge role in the Child Support Services (CSS) program. The Colorado Division of Child Support Services (CDCSS) appreciates the partnership with employers to achieve their mission of economic security for Colorado families. The CDCSS program recognizes that the income withholding process can be overwhelming and cumbersome for employers especially when an employee has multiple cases. This session will walk you through a variety of scenarios on how to withhold for multiple orders. Each scenario will contain examples on how to apply child support income withholding statutes including the percentage to withhold and the priority that is used to apply the withholding based on the different types of obligations. Please join CDCSS for this interactive learning session.   


Tricks of the trade: outsmarting investment fraud

Presented by: Rebecca Franciscus and Amy Nofziger, SEC

Program Overview:

  • Do you know the top persuasion tactics that con artists use to steal retirement savings? 
  • Do you know the current tricks and scams used to defraud investors?
  • Do you know how to recognize, refuse, and report fraud?


Join the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Colorado Attorney General’s ElderWatch Program, and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation for an energetic, interactive presentation to answer these questions and learn ways to help you and your client’s avoid fraudsters.

What You Will Learn:

  • The profile of a potential fraud victim
  • How to identify the persuasion tactics fraudster’s use
  • How to reduce risky behaviors by asking questions and checking information
  • Simple steps to share with your clients before making any investment decisions
  • How to empower, educate, and protect yourself and your employees



Multi-Generational Considerations and Retirement Plan

Presented by: Rick Rodgers, AIFA® , Innovest Portfolio Solutions

The multi-generational portion provides an overview of the considerations when attempting to deliver information and communications to multiple generations - Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials, etc.



Learning Session 3
2:15pm - 3:15pm 


2017 Unemployment Landscape: Current Economic & Legislative Issues

Presented by: Thomas L. Mudd, Equifax

The challenging economic circumstances of the recent past have placed unprecedented financial pressures on state workforce agencies, resulting in depleted trust fund reserves. To relieve these pressures, employers are facing sustained levels of higher unemployment tax rates. As a result, employers should address not only comprehensive claims management, but also integrated tax management practices to reduce unemployment tax liabilities.

The goal of this presentation is to provide an economic update on the state of the unemployment landscape and to share tax strategies that seek to minimize costs in accordance with state requirements. Specific topics to be covered include; unemployment claims, federal unemployment tax, state unemployment tax, mergers & acquisitions, employment tax strategies, legislative updates, and more.


Let’s Grow and Comply Together – The Time & Attendance Industry State of the Union

Presented by: Scott Rose & Kevin Liu, NOVAtime Technology, Inc.

When you turn on the news, you will see our industry is being positioned in the eye of the regulatory storm, as tracking time, determining eligibility, meeting reporting requirements, and all other elements of the Affordable Care Act are being bandied about like a political football. Further, our legislators remain busy at the State and local levels adding to the burdens employers now face in managing their employees under the growing laws of the land.

Since joining NOVAtime over 6 years ago, I have seen the depth in our existing products along these lines and the expansion of our solutions to include more compliance-focused services to assist all users of our system. While I do believe this is a chaotic time for employers and their supply chain, it is also the most opportune time for our collective businesses to thrive under these new and exciting market conditions. We are here to help you navigate. So please watch for coming announcements from all vendors in the very near term to assist you in meeting your needs not only for today, but well into the future. Stay tuned...


7 Common Pitfalls Created by Employee Benefits - How to Avoid, Clear, and Overcome  

Presented by: Trevor Mickelson, Five Rings Financial   

 You've offered it all - Shares, Stocks, Vision/Dental Plan, Health Care, Blah, Blah Blah, etc. though you're company is in a lull and is still not standing out from the crowd. You're batch of new hires are filling the roles, yet there's some energy missing that you just can't explain. Pressure from every direction feels limiting, especially from above. A healthy, balanced and progressive work environment is what you're focused on creating, but something keeps getting in your way. Join us to understand the pitfalls you've stumbled into as well as how to clear your path from the rest, or avoid them all together.


work How to Respond to Unusual Payroll Requests from Managers and Others

Presented by:   S. Lorrie Ray, Esq & Kristen Borrego, MSM, CPP, PHR, SHRM-CP, Mountain States Employers Council

In this session we will discuss some unusual requests for compensation and how to approach these from both a legal and practical payroll point of view.   



Learning Session 4
3:30pm - 4:30pm 


unclaimed Property: Risk and Reform in 2017 and Beyond

Presented by: Karen Anderson, & Jamie Lynne Aquinno, KPMG LLP

While change is a constant with regulatory schemes, unclaimed property requirements are being modified at an accelerated pace due to recent reforms. This session provides the payroll practitioner with unclaimed property compliance basics, including proactive measures for achieving or maintaining compliance. Payroll focused issues such as the impact of uncashed and voided payroll checks, pay cards, commissions and expense reimbursements will be discussed. Further, to assist the participants in anticipating changes due to state reform efforts, the pertinent provisions of the 2016 Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (“RUUPA”) will be pinpointed as well as related provisionsfrom new state statutes enacted by states that have implemented particular requirements of the RUUPA.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyze their company’s unclaimed property program or procedures to determine if they are compliant with state unclaimed property requirements related to outstanding payroll-related items.
  • Evaluate potential audit risks and consequences associated with non-compliance or incomplete compliance
  • Comprehend and consider implementation of new unclaimed property annual reporting and due diligence requirements
  • Assess the potential impact of pertinent RUUPA payroll, pay cards, due diligence and reporting provisions


Paycard consent & innovation

Presented by: Ryan Lane & Steve McDonald, Rapid PayCard

As Paycard regulations are an everchanging landscape that vary from state to state - We discuss how employers should stay informed and how innovations in the paycard space will help employers maintain compliance in their perspective states.  We also discuss how these innovations and technology gain and retain employee adoption.


best employment practices as recommended by u.s. department of homeland security

Presented by: Michael Goodwin, HSI Special Agent

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), is managing a voluntary collaborative program with America’s business community.  IMAGE (ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers) is a mutually beneficial initiative that will provide businesses enhanced security, a more stable workforce, and minimize the likelihood of hiring unauthorized workers. Many unauthorized workers have secured jobs by fraudulent means, including; presentation of false documents, completion of fraudulent benefit applications, and theft of identities.  By enhancing and improving existing hiring practices, IMAGE participants will, in essence, be assisting in the effort to combat illegal activity and enhance national security.


Cyber Security - How secure is your data in the cloud?

Presented by: Steve Warburton, LogRhythm

We look at the way data in the cloud is secured or not secured.  What you should be asking your payroll providers to ensure your employee’s identifiable information is secure.  What every person needs to know to secure their own information and the information of their co-workers.