2017 RMRPC


Learning Session 5
9:45am - 10:45am



What's New in Child Support

Presented by: Cindy Holdren, SLI Global Solutions, LLC 

Join us for a session that reviews a few basics of employer responsibilities in the child support program and explains new features. Revisions to the standard Income Withholding for Support (IWO) are in the works. Employers can report now upcoming lump sums and terminations using the Child Support Portal, as well as register for multistate employer new hire reporting and update contact information and addresses that are sent to child support agencies. The portal enhancements improve communication between employers and child support agencies, saving time and money for both.  


Resumes - Then and Now

Presented by: Therese-Marie O'Sullivan, Cherry Creek Resume and Career Services

  • What's New & Different?
  • Branding Yourself for a Great Job, A Raise, or a Promotion
  • Align your Messaging Strategy with a Coherent / Consistent Image
  • Common Mistakes
  • Trending in 2017
  • If you can't do this yourslef, pay a professional!


Important Payroll Considerations Related to 401K Plans

Presented by: Patrick Blanchard, JD LLM, Compensation & Benefit Solutions

Many people outside of payroll departments believe that the extent of the department’s involvement in 401K plans is to calculate employee deferrals based on each employee’s pay and to get those deferrals wired to the 401K plan.  While that description is accurate, it does not reflect the complexities involved in that process nor does it convey the fact that payroll departments are one of the first, and most important, lines of defense against Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service audits of the 401K plan.  During this session, we will discuss how payroll experts can decrease the chance of audit by streamlining the process or wiring deferrals and other contributions to the 401K plan and how to avoid unnecessary work in the future by taking relatively painless protective measures now.


Payroll Calculations: Those calculations your payroll software does for you

Presented by: Cyndy Davidson, CPP, Encana Services Company Ltd.

Do you know if your payroll software calculates your paychecks correctly?   Spend some time refreshing yourself on how to manually calculate gross ups, taxable fringe benefits, source income and much more.



Learning Session 6
11:00am - 12:00pm



The Affordable Care Act and Cloud-Based Benefits Administration

Presented by: Laura Wyatt, Autopaychecks

Compliance with the Affordable Care Act is imperative for employers to eliminate the exposure to penalties and risks of coverage issues with their employees. Managing employeesbenefits from hiring to measurement and reporting allows for accurate offers of coverage and reduction of this risks and negative financial consequences. Understanding the regulation, as well as how to implement the regulation properly within your organization, increases opportunities for cost savings, increased employee morale, as well as accurate financial reporting.

Take Away

Conference attendees will gain insight on resources available to increase reporting accuracy and efficiency in managing their human capital, and more specifically benefits administration. In addition, they will have a clearer understanding of the regulation, how to perform specific measurements when complying with the ACA, as well as proactive management techniques. With cloud-based solutions information and analytics have never been more transparent.


Fraud Schemes

Presented by: Karen Gurgel, Special Agent, Denver Field Office, IRS-Criminal Investigation

Current fraud schemes. Update on the business employee compromises and ID theft, and digital currency.


2017 legal update

Presented by: Austin Smith

A review of the Trump administration’s first year and a preview of what’s to come.


Now what?  2017 employer healthcare forecast

Presented by: Aaron Webb, Black Diamond Benefits

  • Trend
  • Rapid Review
  • Current Benchmarks
  • What’s New: HSA, HRA, Wellness
  • Individual Market
  • Utilization/Spend
  • Carrier Reaction
  • Forecast
  • Repeal & Replace
  • Republican Agenda
  • Budget Reconciliation
  • Best Practice Briefing
  • Q&A



Learning Session 7
1:30pm - 2:30pm


Payroll Considerations for Domestic and International Business Travelers

Presented by: Tracy Novotny, Global Tax Network

As companies continue to globalize and have business needs in different states and countries, the tracking and reporting of business travelers is an increasingly important company obligation. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of the US payroll obligations for domestic and international business travelers, discuss considerations in tracking business travelers and review the current status of key legislative activity. We will also share benchmarking insights from the 2017 GTN Benchmarking survey on business travel.


The Art of Conducting Employment Interviews

Presented by: Krista Molloy, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Motive

Hiring a new employee can be like making a high-stakes gamble: Will your newest worker turn out to be a fantastic addition or a fantastic failure?  This informative session with help you effectively plan your interviews to far better select the winners from the whiners. Learn how to really identify what you are looking for in that new hire and how to develop questions and scenarios to identify successful candidates who ideally fit the role and the culture of your team and organization.


mergers & acquisitions

Presented by: Dr. Martin Armstrong, CPP, MBA, DBA, Payroll Shared Services for Charter Communications

Mergers and Acquisitions are a driving force behind industry consolidation, growth, and dominating market share.   As a payroll practitioner, it is only a matter of time before you will need to manage an acquisition, divestiture, reorganization, or other M&A activity.  This session will cover important topics such as federal, state, and local employment tax compliance, due diligence, unemployment tax strategies, and integrated project plans. 


Colorado wage withholding

Presented by: Adrana Balderrama Estrada, Colorado Department of Revenue

Filing, common errors, how to correct errors, how to file for refunds and annual wage withholding reconciliation requirements.





Learning Session 8
2:45pm - 3:45pm


the state of colorado law

Presented by: Curtis Graves, Mountain States Employers Council

Colorado is unique and changing.  Curtis Graves, an attorney licensed to practice in Colorado with expertise in state employment law, will talk about how the unique laws in Colorado impact the employment relationship. He will discuss important policies to have in place and how to respond to employees in a variety of situations where the law in Colorado is different than federal employment law, and different than it was even a year ago.


introduction to canadian payroll

Presented by: J.B. Morey, CPP

As companies expand their global presence, more and more payroll professionals are being asked to process payrolls in Canada. This trend has caught many by surprise and left them wondering where to start.

In this session, attendees will be introduced to the basic terms and concepts associated with processing Canadian payroll. The session will focus on key compliance areas, provincial nuances such as employment standards and workers compensation boards, with agency contacts and resources.


Are You A Catalyst for Change?: Lead with confidence and your team will follow

Presented by: Jennifer Lucero, DeVry University

Leading a team through transitions can be extremely difficult for most all organizations. That’s why the best companies look for leaders who can motivate, support and move teams from point A to B, while successfully navigating the challenges of change.

Key topics:

  • Change management
  • The barriers to change
  • How to lead through the different phases of change



benefits of the cpp/fpc certification for your career

Presented by: Roger Waters, CPP

This session will review in depth the benefits of APA sanctioned certifications such as the CPP and FPC.  The session will cover how the certification enhances your stature in the job market, with your current employer and increases your knowledge of payroll overall.  The certifications validate your expertise in the payroll field and the ongoing education requirements assert that your knowledge remains current.  We will cover the process of studying for the exam and options/materials available for the prospective student’s preparation.