Job Search Toolkit

Even for the most experienced employee, finding a job is a process. It can be daunting.

We're pleased to offer you this Job Search Tool Kit to help you become better at your job search. These learning modules break down the job search into simple, easy-to-follow lessons.

The modules are designed to be taken as either a full learning course or as stand-alone courses when you need just a little extra help. If you choose to take the full course, we do suggest starting at the beginning from Preparing for the Job Search.

The modules are presentation style and includes instructor speaking to participant. At the end of the presentation, each module contains a short self-directed quiz to gauge your understanding of the materials.

System Requirements:
Adobe Flash Player
Sound Must Be Turned On
Note: Closed captioning is available. This will increase the lesson time.

* The use of headphones is suggested

Prepare for the Job Search Building a Personal Brand
Prepare for the Job Search Online Job Search
Writing A Resume Interview