September 3-7, 2018

Celebrate National Payroll Week!


Upcoming NPW Events:



National Payroll Week Committee


The National Payroll Week (NPW) committee was organized to promote NPW and payroll as a profession in the Denver Metro Area.   It was also created to increase awareness of payroll and how the men and women of payroll work tirelessly to maintain compliance with ever changing federal, state and local regulations, helping their employers avoid costly penalties.


A few of the events we have done in the past are a Chapter luncheon to celebrate National Payroll Week, door prizes and gifts for members, visiting member and non-member businesses with goodies, participating on a live radio show and appearing on a television station to promote this great event.


The committee meets once a month starting in April and ending in August to plan events for the week of NPW.   It is an exciting and challenging committee where we always welcome new ideas.  After serving on this committee, you will have a new outlook of how great it is to be in the payroll profession.




NPW Meeting FOR 2018: August 16


Join us for great food, fellowship, and fun! 



Chapter FUN


Stay tuned for information about fun chapter events to celebration National Payroll Week 2018.



Channel 9 Event

Who can participate?

CPP's who want to spend the early morning with Paycheck Line9.

What will you be doing?

We generally receive between 150 and 200 telephone calls from the public asking all kinds of questions.  The calls vary from "I have not been paid in over a month" to "How many hours do I have to work to be paid overtime?"  We all have a lot of fun and help our community.


Registration date & times coming soon!


Money Matters National Education Day

What is Money Matters National Education Day?

During Money Matters National Education Day, payroll professionals from across the country will unite to stop the spread of financial illiteracy. Volunteer payroll professionals will teach local high school students in their community the ins-and-outs of their paychecks, electronic payment methods like direct deposit and paycards, and the payroll withholding system.

What will volunteers teach?

APA has teamed up with the Council for Economic Education to create a special lesson for Money Matters National Education Day. This structured lesson, designed for students new to the workforce or about to enter the workforce, teaches the elements of a paycheck, the amount of taxes they can expect to have withheld, how those taxes are calculated and various options to receive their pay.

Each volunteer will receive a copy of this lesson after registering. You will also receive the lesson plan in your email upon volunteering. The lesson plan includes special workout problems, so each student can actually calculate their own paycheck!

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering is easy. Simply fill out the form, and you'll be directed to the volunteer portal where you can download the materials. Once you've volunteered and downloaded the materials, begin contacting your local high school or youth group to reserve your spot. You can teach the lesson any time in September and still qualify for your RCH credit and recognition from APA.  After you give the lesson, register for the RCH and the Regional contest.  Please also contact so that we can track how many chapter members volunteered!


Getting Paid in America Survey

Win a Free Paycheck, Vacation Just for Taking Survey

An integral part of National Payroll Week® (NPW), the "Getting Paid In America" survey covers a variety of payroll and financial topics in order to provide a glimpse into the way Americans get paid. Each survey participant is automatically entered in a drawing for a free paycheck and a trip for two to Las Vegas.

Promote the Survey

Promoting the "Getting Paid In America" survey to your family, friends, and colleagues is a great way to spread the word about NPW. Each year, APA holds an NPW Online Survey Promotion Contest to showcase the outstanding efforts of an individual who increases the recognition of NPW and the NPW survey within his or her workplace and community.

THE SURVEY! (coming soon!)



Corporations Becoming NPW Supporters

APA needs the support of businesses across the country to recognize the important work of payroll professionals during NPW 2017. Commit to recognizing the achievements of your payroll employees and become an NPW Supporter.  


What is an NPW Supporter?

Any business that spreads the NPW message and recognizes the achievements of its payroll professionals.


Why should my company be an NPW Supporter?

It's free, and your payroll professionals deserve to be recognized!
Linked corporate website on
Recognition in PAYTECH magazine's NPW issue, mailed to APA's 21,000-plus membership.
Recognition in NPW video, shown to thousands of professionals.


How do I become an NPW Supporter?

Commit to spreading the NPW message throughout your company by:

  • Sending correspondence to your employees announcing NPW and recognizing the achievements of your payroll professionals
  • Placing NPW information on company website or intranet during NPW
  • View more ideas on how to become a NPW supporter.