2018 keynote speakers





Laughter is Good Buisness   

Comedian, Journalist and Author Sam Adams offers insights from his professional career odysseys, giving helpful pointers on how to maintain and utilize one’s sense of humor to achieve success and productivity in the workplace by adhering to the “Five P’s” — Passion, Personality, Persistence, Professionalism, and most important, Preparation




Nicholas Haynes  

Crossroads: The Current Administration’s Policies and the Impact on Employers 

Trump’s policies and agendas impact employers – immigration, NLRB enforcement, FLSA enforcement, etc.




Bill Dunn, CPP  

Legislative Outlook and APA Lobbying 

APA’s Government Relations team strives to help federal and state agencies achieve their goals while limiting the burden on payroll professionals. Come hear what APA is doing on behalf of members to address issues related to federal and state tax issues, wage payments, involuntary deductions, retirement, and more




Ava Diamond

What Great Bosses Do

How to lead your team to the best work of their lives



J.B. MOrey

It's All Yours, the Knowledge, the Career, the Balance

This closing keynote session will focus on the benefits of networking, education, certification and professional involvement.  Mr. Morey will use his own story of how a simple payroll job turned into a career, and how certification and conferences like the Rocky Mountain Regional Payroll Conference impacted that growth.  
With a mix of highlights from the 2 ½ day statewide, humor, and personal accounts, Mr. Morey will also emphasize the importance of using management theories to balance your personal life, career and professional involvement.
This closing keynote session will leave attendees of the 29th Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Payroll Conference energized and ready to tackle the next phase of their career.