2019 keynote speakers




Tim O'Shae  

The Agent of Change 

Hi, I’m Tim O’Shea, The Agent of Change. I help teams, leaders, and organizations face change positively.

As “The Agent Of Change,” my specialty is in organizational and behavioral psychology from my background in corporate HR and management.

I then went into keynote speaking full-time, delivering entertaining and engaging programs designed to bring levity and perspective to diverse audiences of professionals.

What’s all this “Agent Of Change” business?

After spending almost a decade in the corporate arena doing interviews and behavioral assessments of job applicants, I acquired many skills.

In recent years, I’ve received some specialized training by professionals from law enforcement and national security agencies (isn’t that what everybody does on Friday nights?). From these fine folks, I acquired even better skills.

So…I have taken these two unique paths and merged them together. It’s a powerful combo, and I use it to create good.




Doug melville    

What If Diversity Was Your Client? 

We will explore the layered topic and issues surrounding D&I under the lens of client.
From structure to language to practical implementations - attendees will leave the room with a fresh POV and (hopefully) some inspiration on how they can move the ball forward in this area!




Karen ward, CPP  

Expedition Withholding 2020: Tax Education vs Tax Advice

We are all about to embark on a journey of our lifetime, one of historic per portions. That’s right Expedition Withholding 2020!

Currently there are limited source to help your company navigate through uncharted scenarios and questions that your employees could have. We need to make sure that the Payroll staff is providing tax form assistance versus tax advice. While it seems that many questions have been left unanswered, you will discover answers and tools to overcome the classic obstacles of the NEW Form W-4!! We will be exploring a basic game plan to provide superior customer service to your employees, regardless of the industry or size. So make plans to attend an adventure of a payroll-lifetime!!!

So, let the adventure begin!!!




Nicholas haynes  

Preparing for 2020 with 2020 Vision

Do employees have First Amendment rights? Can an employer fire an employee for supporting a particular candidate? This election season is shaping up to be as divided as the last, which can have quite an impact on the workplace. Employers will likely face situations regarding employee conduct both inside and outside the workplace, and how to respond is not as clear as it would seem. In this presentation we will explore what free speech rights exist, and how employers can address the varying types of speech they may encounter.