2019 RMRPC



Learning Session 5
9:15am - 10:15am



Taxation and Reporting of Non-Cash Fringe Benefits

Presented by: Nick Broomhead and Lisa Dorvinen, Deloitte Tax LLP

This session will focus on the tax rules connected to benefits provided by employers including prizes/awards, automobiles, education benefits, reimbursement of commuting expenses, and employer-provided meals/housing.


Generations: The Myths and the Realities

Presented by: Jennifer Fairweather, Jefferson County and Tamara Dixon, Town of Parker

So often we hear these “_____” are so bad at technology. The “____” employees are so entitled. Why do these “____” expect promotions when they have no real experience?
But, are these broad characterizations reality when it comes to describing an entire generation? Join us for an interactive session where we will explore both the myths and the realities of the multiple generations in our workplace.

Unemployment Tax Management Strategies

Presented by: Christopher Carpenter, Thomas and Company

This session will explore the different strategies that can be leveraged to reduce total spend associated with unemployment. Techniques that will be discussed include: unemployment claims management, voluntary contributions, joint account elections, transfer of experience provisions, and other tactics. Please join us to explore how you can reduce and mitigate unemployment taxes, and decrease costs for your organization.



Learning Session 6
10:30am - 11:30am



Understanding the Impact of Paid Sick Leave Mandates

Presented by: Beth Bearman, Attendance on Demand

If you are not already subject to paid sick leave regulations, they may be coming to you in the near future. So, what should you know and what should you do to prepare? We’ll review current mandates and the state of proposed legislation and learn how to craft policies and use automation to streamline sick leave accrual and administration.

Learning Objectives:
Objective 1: What should you know and what should you do to prepare
Objective 2: Learn how to craft policies
Objective 3: Learn how to use automation to streamline sick leave accrual and administration


“Best Employment Practices” as recommended by U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Presented by: Michael Goodwin, Homeland Security

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), is managing a voluntary collaborative program with America’s business community. IMAGE (ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers) is a mutually beneficial initiative that will provide businesses enhanced security, a more stable workforce, and minimize the likelihood of hiring unauthorized workers. Many unauthorized workers have secured jobs by fraudulent means, including; presentation of false documents, completion of fraudulent benefit applications, and theft of identities. By enhancing and improving existing hiring practices, IMAGE participants will, in essence, be assisting in the effort to combat illegal activity and enhance national security.



Increasing Productivity – “How to be Physically Energized and Mentally Focused”

Presented by: Stephen Paul Terry, Great Productivity Company

This session is designed to give simple techniques to improve our ability to get things done while remaining energized and focused. Integrating work life and managing stress.




Learning Session 7
2:00pm - 3:00pm


What to expect if ICE comes a knocking; I-9 Compliance, Updates and Strategies

Presented by: Michael Goodwin, Homeland Security

To increase the ability of a business to make an informed decision about the validity of documents presented to them during the I-9 process.


The Tax Testing Trek: Withholding Method of Choice for 2020

Presented by: Karen Ward, CPP, American Payroll Association

Another group who will be joining us on Expedition Withholding 2020, are the software programmers. That’s right and they are the ones we must support to ensure that we all make it to the summit!

IRS created a map to assist those taking the journey to the summit. The step-by-step instructions allow for the programming for the use of the NEW Form W-4, while still allowing for the use of the current Form W-4. This is a steep and risky trail for sure, but after attending this session you will have an advantage. We will discuss how to test as well as what to test and even include some regression testing tidbits.

So make sure to stop by the basecamp breakout session so that we can make our way to the summit of Expedition Withholding 2020!!


The evolution of payroll

Presented by: Hilary Morgan, PayTech

This session will cover both a historical perspective on payroll practices as well as looking forward to what the payroll of the future may look like.





Learning Session 8
3:15pm - 4:15pm


UI Basics

Presented by: Jeanne Bartlett, CO DOL

What employer's need to know about accounts, rates, and benefits.


Payroll Pain Points: How to Make Excel Work for You

Presented by: Nicol Elder, CPP, Mosaic HCM

Are you tired of working harder instead of smarter? Do you find yourself hand keying information into excel because you’re not sure how to use Excel to your advantage. Are these concepts foreign to you: Concatenate, V-Lookups, H-Lookups, Pivot Tables. Learn how to utilize excel along with your own payroll system reports in order to compile data quicker, make your life easier, and make your boss happier.



Climbing to the Top Often Feels Like Hanging On By Your Fingertips

Presented by: Susan Judah, CPP, City & County of Denver

Tips to take the path you choose in your career progression and how to get where you want to go.