APA Code of Ethics

  1. To be mindful of the personal aspect of the payroll relationship between employer and employee, and to ensure that harmony is maintained through constant concern for the Payroll Professional’s fellow employees.
  2. To strive for perfect compliance, accuracy, and timeliness of all payroll activities.
  3. To keep abreast of the state of the payroll art with regard to developments in payroll technologies.
  4. To be current with legislative developments and actions on the part of regulatory bodies, insofar as they affect payroll.
  5. To maintain the absolute confidentiality of the payroll within the procedures of the employer.
  6. To refrain from using Association’s activities for one’s personal self-interest or financial gain.
  7. To take as one’s commitment the enhancement of one’s professional abilities through the resources of the American Payroll Association.
  8. To support one’s fellow Payroll Professionals, both within and outside one’s organization.