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DCPA Check Request for Reimbursement of Cash Expenditures Only


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Study Group Handouts

Winter/Spring Study Group Schedule

Winter/Spring Study Group Schedule

Helpful Payroll Hints

Hints for Sections 1 and 2

Common Law Test

Common Law Test

Immigrant Visas

Section 14 - Immigrant Visas

Internation Payroll Taxation

U.S. taxation of international payroll

Regular Rate of Pay Formula

Calculation of regular rate of pay

Late Deposit Penalties

Section 8 - Late Deposit Penalties

Accounting Basics

Basic information about accounting

Accounting Terms

Terms used in accounting

General Ledger Account Balances

Standard general ledger account balances

Six Sigma Information

Six Sigma Information

Building my Payroll Communication Experience

Management communication information

Communication Can Directly Impact Your Career

Management communication information

Box 12 Definitions

Form W2, Box 12 Definitions

Calculations - Section 2

Calculations - Section 2 Federal Wage Hours Laws

Calculations - Section 14

Calculations - Section 14 Employee Abroad & Aliens in US

Calculations Day 2

Day 2 Calculations

Calculations Day 3

Calculations Day 3

Calculations Day 4 Questions

Calculations Day 4 Questions

Calculations Day 4 Presentation

Calculations Day 4 Presentation

Steph's Calculations

Additional calculations to do

Study Group Presentations

ER - EE Relationship

Employer - Employee Relationship

Federal & State Wage-Hour Laws

Federal and State Wage-Hour Laws

Taxable and Nontaxable Compensation

Taxable and Nontaxable Compensation 2019

Health Accident Retirement Benefits

Health Accident Retirement Benefits 2019

Paying the Employee

Paying the Employee 2019

Withholding Taxes

Withholding Taxes 2019

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance 2019

Depositing & Reporting Withheld Taxes

Depositing & Reporting Withheld Taxes 2019

Other Deductions from Pay

Other Deductions from Pay 2019

Recordkeeping & Record Retention

Recordkeeping & Record Retention 2019

Payroll Accounting

Payroll Accounting 2019

Payroll Systems & Technology

Payroll Systems & Technology 2019

Managing a Payroll Department

Managing a Payroll Department 2019

Employee Abroad & Aliens in US

Employee Abroad & Aliens in US

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Contest Entries

Calculations Day 3 Questions Only

Calculations Day 3 Questions Only

Calculations Day 4 Questions

Calculations Day 4 Questions

Rocky Mountain Regional Payroll Conference

Tax Testing Trek

Friday PM Session Handout